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Welcome to the brand new James Best Art website!

Welcome to the website of celebrity artist James Best. James is best known for his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on the 1980's hit show "The Dukes of Hazzard", but is also making quite a name for himself in the art world. Art lovers around the world collect his beautiful landscape and still life paintings. His vivid oil paintings and watercolors reflect memories inspired by his childhood growing up in rural Indiana, places he's been in travel, or simply the happiness of being someplace unspoiled by the ills of this world. Click here to learn more about James' life as an artist.

August 21st, 2014 - We just created a new page for watercolors! LINK

March 18th, 2013 - We have TWO 16x20 Canvas Giclees available right now!

February 2nd, 2012 - The latest painting sold! "Ladies by the Shore"!

October 2012 - Taking delivery of "Bold and Beautiful"

Hello Dorothy!
We wanted to send you the pic's from today and also thank you and Jimmy again for meeting with us. The painting is absolutely beautiful. Our five year old son approves! I can't wait to find that special place for it when our house is completely built.
Thanks again and Take care!
Lisa and Dean Denham
-Lisa Denham

(Above) Dear Mr. Best,

Attached are the pictures you requested from Hazard Homecoming of you, Julie, and myself with your beautiful painting (My Lily Pad Pond). The painting is hanging in a guest room at our current residence, but we plan to hang it in a special location in the dining room of our dream home that we are in the final stages of completing in the shadow of White Oak Mountain. We will send a picture of it hanging in its' permanent home in a month or so.

I cannot express how much it meant to us to talk with you in person. We both felt as if we'd known you after being long time fans and immensely enjoying your book. You certainly did not dissapoint as we found you every bit as entertaining and personable as we ever expected. We also enjoyed seeing the premiere of "Return of the Killer Shrews" in Washington the day before the Homecoming. We would very much like to purchase a copy if it is available.

I'm sure you are extremely busy, but the offer to take you fishing should you ever desire to visit the Chattanooga or Knoxville, TN area was sincere. We have access to some excellent spots on Douglas, Chickamauga, Tellico, and Guntersville lakes. I could certainly use some of that Jimmie Best luck we read about and would love to learn a few things along the way. Just give a yell and we will most happily set it up.

In the mean time Julie says hello, and you can look me up on Battlefield 3 (I also cannot fly the helocopters worth a dang) under the name xXGunslingerZz.


Alan and Julie St. Clair


Jimmie recently completed paintings of his own dogs. Below is Peaches and Cream. These paintings are not for sale - but perhaps Jimmie could do one of your dog! See Commissioned Art.

Below is Little Toby.


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Remember - all paintings ship framed and ready to hang on the wall!